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Adelseril Review

Adelseril is a drug, used for treatment of obesity in adolescents over 16 years old and adult patients over 65 years old. Laboratorios Serral is the manufacturer and distributor of Adelseril weight loss drug on the international market.

In retails, people can find Adelseril 10mg and Adelseril 15mg capsules. Each capsule of Adelseril contains the controlled substance, called Sibutramine. You can buy Adelseril (Sibutramine) weight loss drug by prescription only.

To pharmaceutical market, Adelseril capsules are supplied in packs per 100 pieces each. If you want to use Adelseril for obesity treatment, ask your doctor to prescribe you this weight loss drug.

If Adelseril capsules are not available in your region, try to find this weight loss drug on online pharmacy. Before purchasing Adelseril online, please read the key information on this drug and make sure Adelseril is not contraindicated for you.


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Adelseril indications

Adelseril capsules are prescribed to patients, whose BMI is 30 and higher, as well as patients with BMI 27 and higher, whose overweight is complicated by other disorders (e.g. diabetes). Adelseril capsules can be used for a drug therapy in pre-obese and obese patients, as well as for maintenance of weight loss.

Most often, Adelseril capsules are indicated when non-drug anti-obesity methods are ineffective. Herewith, Adelseril should be considered not as an alternative to a healthy diet and physical exertion, but as a part of anti-obesity complex therapy.

Adelseril contraindications

Adelseril contraindications list contains dozens of diseases and states. Besides the fact that Adelseril drug is contraindicated for adolescents and elderly, it should never be used by patients with cardiovascular risk factors, mental disorders and many other systems and organs dysfunction. You may learn full and objective information on Adelseril contraindications from one of our reviews.


Efficiency and safety of Adelseril

Just as other weight loss drugs containing Sibutramine active substance, Adelseril reduces hunger, increasing satiety and helping patients to limit the consumption of high-calorie foods.

Adelseril efficiency depends on the dose. To achieve a strong and extended anorexigenic effect, patients should take maximum daily dose of Adelseril 15mg.

Adelseril safety has been tested during pre-clinical, clinical and post-marketing studies. Conducted studies have shown that Adelseril capsules may cause potential risk for health. Before purchasing Adelseril, read about side effects of this drug and if any questions arise, ask them by email.

The recommended dosage of Adelseril

Adelseril oral capsules should be taken one time a day, before noon. When taking Adelseril in afternoon, insomnia may occur.

The initial recommended Adelseril dose is 10mg.
Starting from second week of anti-obesity therapy, Adelseril daily dose can be increased up to 15mg.

If you decide to buy Adelseril capsules but have never used them before, please learn more information on the recommended dosage of Adelseril.

Manufacturer and distributor

SerralLaboratorios Serral is one of the largest Mexican pharmaceutical companies, which has been producing the prescription and over-the-counter drugs over 60 years. Despite the fact that Adelseril capsules are produced by Mexican company, they have never been available in Mexico.

In some Latin America countries, Adelseril capsules are only sold by prescription. If Adelseril drug is not available in the city you live, you can ask your physician under what trade names you can buy Adelseril generic drugs.

Adelseril – Generic drugs

Weight loss drugs containing Sibutramine are sold under the trade name Adelseril and dozens of other original names. In the USA and Canada, drug containing Sibutramine anorexigenic agent is known under the trade name Meridia, in Mexico under the trade names Yeduc, while in the UK – under the trade name Sibutril. Please note that in 2010, weight loss drugs containing Sibutramine were withdrawn from markets of most countries of the world.

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