4 effective ways to make your legs longer and slimmer

legs longer

Long and slender legs are really beautiful. But what if the nature did not grant you legs that go on forever? Do not get upset. After all, we live in the XXI century, and now almost everything is possible!

But before you take a decision on resorting to any serious measures, ley us remind you that we are all individual, and beauty is not measured by the size of the waist or the length of the legs. If we mention this aspect, we have to say that generally, proportions play a great role. Not convinced? Then back to the topic. We have collected 4 effective ways that will make your legs longer.


One of the most effective ways of making your legs longer is the Ilizarov apparatus. Yet, we have to tell you that this method is also the most radical one. With the help of this wonder device, you can “grow” the lower leg or thigh. It is the surgeon who decides which part of your legs is exactly the one to lengthen in your case.

How does it work? First, the doctor breaks the integrity of the bones, and places pins in the places of bone breaks, thanks to which the legs begin to lengthen gradually. At that, you will have to assist with the process through twisting special nuts four times a day.


Definitely, not the most pleasant sensations, yet your legs will become longer by one millimeter each day. And two months later, your legs “grow up” by as much as 6 centimeters.

Of course, you are the one to decide, whether you are willing to take these sufferings or not:

  • go through this rather painful process,
  • observe a certain regime for several months (without dancing, sports and long walks).

Beauty requires sacrifice, that’s for sure.


Oh, almighty implants! They can enlarge many parts of the body, including the length of the legs. The implants that are inserted in the calf muscles are not only able to lengthen the legs, but also eliminate the asymmetry and curvature.

This method, however, also has its possible “pitfalls”:

  • the remaining seam or even theimplant can be noticeable.
  • the implantcan be displaced from its place.


We do not doubt your courage, but be sure to weigh all the pros and cons before deciding on such serious measures.


They say that all genius is simple for a good reason. Opening the secret of leggy Insta-girls:

  • bronzerwith a twinkling effect.


Many fashion-mongers apply bronzer directly on their legs, focusing on the shins. The result is optical elongation. After all, tanned and smooth legs definitely look slimmer (thanks to vertical glare and glow), than they really are. So, you can postpone a visit to the surgeon until better times, stock up with bronzer and conquer everyone with your legs “right up to the armpits”.


There are, of course, other ways of lengthening the legs. The easiest way is to load yourself with daily physical activities, directed at stretching the femoral and gastrocnemius muscles.

Nothing complicated. All you need to do is to:

  • run,
  • stretch,
  • do leg swings,
  • add other exercises,
  • not be lazy!

Well, most important is not to forget about the little tricks:

  1. jeans and pants with a high waistline,
  2. skirts of medium or short length,
  3. shoes with high heels,
  4. monitor your posture.