One capsule of Adelseril 15mg is a maximum single dose of Adelseril slimming drug. The frequency use of Adelseril 15mg must never exceed one time per day. Maximal daily dose of Adelseril 15mg is prescribed at least 4 weeks after the beginning of anti-obesity therapy.

Regardless of obesity severity, patients can take only one Adelseril 10mg capsule, once daily.

Only if Adelseril daily dose is well tolerated, it can be increased up to 15mg. When exceeding the daily dose of Adelseril 15mg, patients may develop overdose symptoms.

  • The most common Adelseril overdose symptoms are dizziness, severe headache, high blood pressure and increase in the heart rate.

It should be noted that the above listed overdose symptoms may arise even if a patient respects the dose regimen of Adelseril.

The results of clinical research show that:

  • Tachycardia and hypertension may occur in over 2% and more patients using Adelseril 15mg daily dose.
  • Headache occurs in about 30% of patients taking a single dose of Adelseril 15mg.
  • Dizziness may occur in over 7% of patients, taking maximum one Adelseril 15mg capsule a day.


If Adelseril overdose symptoms are strongly expressed, patients must be prescribed a symptomatic treatment.

If you decide to buy Adelseril 15mg slimming capsules, but have never taken them before, then you should apply to a medical worker for a professional advice.

Adelseril 15mg