Adelseril and Other Diet Pills

As an alternative to Adelseril, you can use different appetite suppressants that can be bought both with and without a prescription. Prescription (RX) anorexigenic drugs help quickly lose weight, but can cause severe side effects.

Over-the-counter (OTC) appetite suppressants help to reduce weight not as quickly as RX drugs. However, in contrast to RX diet pills, OTC diet pills help to lose weight without creating potential health risks.


The best-selling RX drug in the USA is Phentermine. Obese Americans know these diet pills under the trade name Adipex-P. Just as Adelseril pills, Adipex-P pills reduce appetite and help to limit the consumption of high-calorie food.

Despite the fact that Adelseril and Adipex-P have the same therapeutic effect, there are two basic differences between them.

  1. Unlike to Adipex-P pills that very often cause drug dependence, the risk of Adelseril abuse is minimal.
  2. Adipex-P can be used as a short-term therapy of obesity lasting up to 3 months, but the maximum recommended duration of Adelseril use is 2 years.
Adelseril and Other Diet Pills

In addition, Adelseril pills and Adipex-P pills have dozens of identical contraindications. Therefore, not every obese patient can be prescribed with Adipex-P instead of Adelseril.

When obesity is complicated by other diseases, it is better to use appetite suppressants sold without a prescription. Dozens of different OTC drugs are able not only to reduce appetite, but also to burn fats even in low physical activity are available at the U.S market.

Thanks to the fact that OTC fat burners do not cause severe side effects, they do not have contraindications, and they can be taken even in elderly age. Absolutely all RX diet pills available at the US pharmacies are contraindicated in elderly age.

If you experience severe side effects after the use of Adelseril or other RX diet pills, discuss with your doctor the possibility to replace the used drug by a safe weight loss drug available for sale without a prescription.