When woman is pregnant, her metabolism, hormonal status and hemodynamics usually change. In addition to changed metabolism, dyslipidemia and hypercholesterolemia occur.

  • Because of metabolic and hormonal changes, the body weight can increase rapidly.
  • Because of changed lipid profile and hemodynamics, cardiovascular risks can increase as well.

Despite the fact that obesity poses a potential threat for both mother and fetus, a medicamental treatment of obesity during pregnancy is prescribed rarely.

Adelseril and Pregnancy

Apart from the fact that anti-obesity drugs can cause side effects and affect health of mother and baby, weight loss during pregnancy increases the risk of underweight in newborns.

Over-the-counter and prescription diet pills (including Adelseril) must be prescribed only if excess weight is potentially dangerous for health of mother and (or) a child.

It is recommended to begin the drug treatment of obesity during pregnancy with minimal daily doses of weight loss drug. Herewith, anti-obesity treatment course should be carried out under a constant supervision of the doctor.