Laboratorios Serral supply their drugs only to Latin America. Therefore, Adelseril diet pills are not available in the UK. Some online pharmacies offer the UK people tobuy Adelseril online. However, you should understand that Adelseril is a controlled drug. Hence, you cannot buy Adelseril slimming pills online without prescription.

In 2014, on Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (UK) website, you may find an information on just one slimming drug containing Sibutramine.

This drug is produced by Teva and sold at the UK pharmacies under nonproprietary name – Sibutramine Hydrochloride.

Until 2012, one more drug based on Sibutramine was available in the UK. This drug has been distributed to the UK market by Abbott and sold under the original name – Reductil. In 2010, Abbott withdrew Reductil (Sibutramine) from the market and its sales within the UK had been stopped.

Adelseril in the UK

One of the few countries, where Reductil pills by Abbott are still available is South African Republic.

In addition to Reductil pills, containing Sibutramine, in South Africa you can find Duromine diet pills containing Phentermine anorexigenic agent.

Overweight British people are familiar with slimming drug, containing Phentermine, only as Ionamin trade name.

If you decide to buy Adelseril or any other prescription slimming drug online in the UK, before ordering, make sure an online pharmacy you chose, has the trade license for RX diet pills in your region.