One Adelseril capsule contains either 10mg or 15mg of Sibutramine anorexigenic agent One Adelseril 10mg capsule is a minimum single dose that can be taken only once a day.

Adelseril 10mg capsules have to be used every day within a month.

If the body weight reduced by less than 2 kg within a month, a patient should stop using Adelseril 10mg capsules.

If the body weight reduced by 2 kg and more within a month, you can:

  1. Continue taking Adelseril 10mg capsules.
  2. Increase the daily dose up to one Adelseril 15mg capsule.
Adelseril 10mg

The daily dose of Adelseril can be increased up to 15mg only if the minimum recommended dose of Adelseril 10mg does not cause any severe side effects. Even if Adelseril 10mg capsules cause no serious side effects, the duration of their use must not exceed 2 years.

Please note that a minimal dose of Adelseril 10mg causes a great increase in:

The blood pressure (by 10 mm Hg and greater)
The heart rate (by 10 beats per minute and greater).

Thus, during the whole period of use of Adelseril 10mg capsules, you should measure your pulse and the blood pressure. You should better stop using Adelseril 10mg capsules if any signs of unwanted cardiovascular effects arise.

If you want to buy Adelseril 10mg capsules online, but it is the first time you are using them, then ask any questions about these capsules by email.