The most effective ways to lose weight

Coming home from work, you can eat up to nausea and fall over on the sofa or you can get a grip on yourself and start building your body already today. If you preferred the second option, then the next step is a choice of successful weight loss strategy. The most effective ways are as follows: Read more

Cardio on an empty stomach


We decided to discuss with a professional trainer the issue of morning jogging, especially its usefulness for weight loss.

Some people claim that doing cardio on an empty stomach is a sure way to lose weight. Their position is clear:
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8 Exercises For The Lazy, Which Can Be Done On The Couch

Exercises On The Couch

Each and every one of us is more or less lazy. Sometimes, we find it extremely difficult to force ourselves to go to the gym or for a jog in the park and even do active morning exercises! We know that you, just like us, want to lie on the couch and do nothing.

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The proper diet of modern person

proper diet

Food – is a supply of the body with biologically active substances regulating the processes of vital activity.

What should the person eat? Read more

Errors in the cardio loads


Even fitness professionals often argue among themselves, defending their training techniques. We will try to highlight the most common mistakes, related to cardio trainings.

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Vegetable fats do not contain cholesterol

Vegetable fats

Saturated meat fats are sharply limited in obese people’s diet, as they are absorbed mainly in the lymphatic ways, and getting into the bloodstream increase fat content in the blood that contributes to fat deposition in adipose tissue. In addition, because of high content of saturated fatty acids, these fats are more difficult to oxidize in the body and are deposited in fat tissue. Read more

True story of 60 lost kilos. Not a rocket science

“I was given a chance for a second life, and I decided that I did not want to spend it being fat”

Women like her are called “plump”, but by the end of pregnancy, even this word would sound a compliment to her. During childbirth, doctors could not hear the child’s heartbeat due to excess weight. Mom and the kid nearly died. Read more

“Useful” snacks that make you get fat

Useful snacks

During the working day, sometimes in the evening in front of the TV, you feel like eating something – a chocolate bar, a bar, dried fruits or nuts. However, you should keep in mind that this very most harmless snack hides your extra kilograms. Read more

Sweet Truth: Chocolate For Health And Figure

Scientists recommend: if you want to stay in shape – eat chocolate. “No problem!” – we answer. After all, this is one of those rare tips, which is easy and pleasant to follow. Read more

How people lose weight in different countries of the world

lose weight in different countries

It’s sad, but most people can gain weight, while the situation is totally the opposite when it comes to losing it. We have gathered the information about how people from around the world treat excessive weight and, most interestingly, how they try to fight it. Read more