Macrobiotic diet

Macrobiotic diet

Macrobiotic nutrition system is not a diet that can give you a quick result. However, they say you can achieve much more with it. Having lost weight once, you will not get fat anymore. Yet, it does have a drawback: it does not fit everyone. Keep reading to discover who and how should be losing weight on macrobiotic diet. Read more

How to eat right in spring to lose weight by the summer

weight by the summer

Spring brings not only warmth and good mood, but also an imminent desire to lose weight. It can be stated with certainty that March opens the season of diets and food restrictions. Read more

Cupping abdomen massage for weight loss

Cupping abdomen massage
Perhaps, you have heard or used hot cupping to “treat” various pains or muscle knots. The method itself has sunk into oblivion in most countries, yet the cupping abdomen massage, on the contrary, is just gaining popularity as an effective way to combat cellulite. Read more

8 tips for those who prefer dining out

If your work involves a lot of meetings outside the office, if your family is used to often get together and go out for dinner, or if you are simply not used to prepare meals in your kitchen, you have every chance to quickly gain unnecessary weight. Read more

Ideal bodyweight – how to eat healthy

Any disease is known to be easier prevented than treated. Overweight is no exception – it is better to change lifestyle to avoid it, than to return to an ideal weight and to maintain it upon long fighting. How to achieve it? Read more

Hollywood diet

Hollywood diet was invented by Jamie Kubler. He calls himself a nutritionist consulting stars. As Jamie said, he created the Hollywood diet, being at a spa in Europe. The idea of the 48 hour Hollywood diet caught him. Since it was released in December 1997, more than 10 million people tried it. Read more

Exotic yacon – “a new greatest thing for weight loss”?

Yacon and carbohydrates

Herbaceous plant yacon – is a traditional food of the peoples of the Peruvian Andes. It is botanically considered a close relative of delicious and healthy sunflower, artichoke, stevia, as well as malefic ragweed, which poisons residents of the southern regions of Russia by its allergenic pollen every summer. Read more

Do you want to lose weight? Eat shirataki

French cognac dulls fear of getting fat, but the Japanese konjac – feeling of hunger

The broad masses interested in the topic of weight loss first heard about shirataki noodles from authoritative person. A famous nutritionist Pierre Dukan told about amazing plant konjac (konjaku, konnyaku) on the Internet Conference. Read more