Anti-obesity therapy should be started with the minimal daily dose of Adelseril 10mg. An Adelseril 10mg capsule should be taken in the morning regardless of the food intake.

A single dose of Adelseril 10mg should be taken daily within a month.

If your body weight was reduced by less than 2 kg a month after the drug therapy of obesity, increase the daily dose of Adelseril up to 15mg.

Effectiveness evaluation of a single dose of Adelseril 15mg is conducted a month after the beginning of its application.

  • If your body weight was reduced by less than 2 kg during the second month of anti-obesity therapy, stop using Adelseril 15 mg capsules.
  • If your body weight was reduced by two and more kg in the regular use of Adelseril 15mg capsules during the second month of obesity treatment, you can continue using the single daily dose of Adelseril 15mg.


An Adelseril 15mg capsule is the maximum dose that can be used no more than once a day. The daily dose of Adelseril 15mg is considered to be effective only if provides weight reduction by no less than 5% of initial weight within three months. Many obese people manage to reduce their weight by no less than 5% even in the use of minimal dose of Adelseril 10mg.

Adelseril Dosage

It is necessary to measure blood pressure and pulse during the whole period of using Adelseril diet pills. If hypertension develops and cardiovascular side effects occur after the beginning of Adelseril use, the discontinuation of obesity drug therapy can be recommended.

When unwanted side effects appear, discuss with your doctor the appropriateness of further Adelseril use. The doctor can change the daily dose or dosing frequency of Adelseril pills, as well as he can recommend using other diet pills to fight obesity.

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