Hollywood diet

Hollywood diet was invented by Jamie Kubler. He calls himself a nutritionist consulting stars. As Jamie said, he created the Hollywood diet, being at a spa in Europe. The idea of the 48 hour Hollywood diet caught him. Since it was released in December 1997, more than 10 million people tried it.

After Hollywood movies, the Hollywood diet is the most well-known product manufactured in Los Angeles.

At first it seems to be just an orange colored drink, intended to completely replace the food for 48 hours.

According to the instruction, the bottle content should be mixed with water in the proportion of 1 : 1 and sipped slowly for 4 hours. This procedure should be repeated four times a day. Also up to 8 glasses of plain water are to be consumed a day.

Water and the Hollywood miracle drink should be had within these two days.

  • Restrictions are applied even to non-caloric beverages, diet sodas, and chewing gums.

Cigarettes, alcohol, and coffee are also forbidden for this period of 48 hours. Also a Hollywood All Natural 24-Hour Miracle Diet was designed as well, if two days without food seem to be hard.

Hollywood diet: how does it work?

The diet is based on a beverage of fruit orange juice concentrate, containing a huge number of vitamins. A 24-hour diet contains the daily value of vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D, and E, and thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid. Also the beverage contains sodium 20mg, carbohydrate 25g, sugar 22g. The beverage contains no protein at all.

120 grams of the beverage contains 100 calories. Thus, 4 drinks a day provide only 400 calories. This diet is characterized as an extremely low-calorie.

Typically, these programs are used for patients with obesity with an over 30% body fat percentage.

Hollywood Diet

These patients are treated under medical supervision. Therefore, if you plan to use the 48-hour diet for a long period of time, consult your doctor first, as a low calorie consumption could be harming you.

  • For long-term application, the authors recommend to use a special 30-day course. It begins with a 24-hour diet.

Then, once a day the beverage is to be consumed instead of dinner. Also any sweets, high-calorie drinks and fatty food are banned within this period.

The diet assumes healthy meals, avoid eating after six pm, and fruits and vegetables are recommended as snacks.

The diet recommends that a dieter take a 30 minute walk each day.

The diet should be repeated on a regular basis. Once a month or each weekend are recommended. Up to 5 kilos are claimed to be lost for just 2 days.