Menu with the calorie content

In our attempts to get rid of extra kilos, we are ready to do anything. Before you expose yourself to grueling physical loads that will bring fatigue, and not pleasure, or try “magic pills” that at best will not work, you can do something more simple. 

For example, start going to restaurants and cafes, the menu of which contains full information on the calorie content of the dishes. Are you surprised? And yet, it works.

A new study shows that

women consume 75 calories less per meal, if the menu indicates the caloric value and nutritional value (proteins, fats, carbohydrates) of each dish.

An interesting fact is that this approach does not work or works worse for men. Scientists believe that it is much easier for men to ignore this factor due to the brain peculiarities.

To draw this conclusion, researchers from the University of Technology Sydney combined data obtained during 186 case studies. Thus, the Australian scientists found out that women are always “more responsive” to the information presented in the menu of a cafe or restaurant.

By the way, such responsiveness and the following reduction in caloric intake are characteristic of people with excess weight or obesity. The analysis indicates that, with appropriate indications in the menu, both women and men with excess weight refused about 67 calories for a meal.

Menu with calorie

Researchers note that in modern life conditions, which make us eat more often outside the house, this is especially important.

“The increasing amount of money that people spend on meals outside the home, says about a certain trend,”

says Natalina Zlatevska, the lead author of the study.

“We need to educate consumers to make a slightly more conscious choice than they usually do. I’m sure this will be a good beginning.”

In spite of the fact that there is nothing to worry about in the restaurant meals, takeaway or delivery meals in general, most people do not choose healthy food in such menus. Just think, will you order chicken soup, steamed fish and vegetable salad with a delivery? It is unlikely. But if it is about pizza “three for the price of two”, juicy burger, Japanese gedza or a box of donuts, you are likely to order these.

An Australian study published in the Journal of Retailing also states: “We have data that people are more likely to notice information about calories in the menu during meals, where they make an individual choice. For example, at lunchtime, when they go to the nearest café together with their work colleagues.”


Since 2018, restaurants and cafes in the US will have to display the calorie content of the dishes on the menu, since it is already fixed at the legislative level.

Similar projects are being developed in other European countries, but it is difficult to say where and how quickly they will eventually be realized.

Nutritionists believe that consumers often do not quite understand or underestimate the nutritional value of the food that they get, so this definitely can help. At least, as part of the global campaign to fight obesity among adults and children.