Adelseril Online

Adelseril Indications for Use

Adelseril pills are prescribed for weight loss in patients with BMI > 27. In BMI 27 to 29.9, Adelseril pills are prescribed only to patients with diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and (or) other risk factors. Read more

Active Ingredient of Adelseril

Each Adelseril capsule contains active substance Sibutramine. The dose of active substance in one capsule is indicated in milligrams. You can find Adelseril (Sibutramine) 10 mg oral capsules and Adelseril (Sibutramine) 15 mg oral capsules on sale. Read more

Adelseril Manufacturer

Laboratorios Serral is the manufacturer and distributor of Adelseril 10mg and 15mg capsules to the international market. This Mexican company has been developing, producing and selling the prescription and over-the-counter medications for over 65 years. Read more

Adelseril Mechanism of Action

Adelseril drug contains therapeutic doses of active ingredient called Sibutramine. This ingredient stimulates noradrenergic*, serotonergic** and dopaminergic*** nervous systems. Read more

Adelseril Potential Risks


Adelseril may cause a severe hypertension, so patients should monitor their pulse and blood pressure (BP) throughout the entire treatment course. Read more

Adelseril Price

One of the reasons why costs on anti-obesity treatment keep increasing is the replacement of cheap diet pills (available on market for several decades) to innovative diet pills (that entered the market just a couple of years ago). Read more

Adelseril Side Effects

Typically, Adelseril side effects are reversible and do not require the discontinuation of obesity treatment. Unwanted side effects are most pronounced in the first few weeks of Adelseril pills use, but they disappear about a month after the start of anti-obesity therapy. Read more

Adelseril in USA

Adelseril (Sibutramine) weight loss capsules have never been sold in the USA. Drug, containing Sibutramine anorectic agent, was only available under the brand name Meridia at the U.S. pharmacies. Read more

Adelseril Generic Drugs

Adelseril is not the only weight loss drug containing Sibutramine. Read more